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How do I change the “Lawn Options” settings in my mower via the Robomow App?

Click the “Menu” button on the Robomow app’s home screen to enter the main menu. Click “Lawn & Mower Options”.  A new window appears with all of the lawn options that can be set for the Robomow. Main Menu Lawn […]

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How do I change the language in the Robomow App?

There two ways of changing the language in the Robomow app: On the Welcome screen, just before the initial registration. Inside the Main Menu ⇢ App Settings.

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How do I establish a Remote Access session with the Robomow app?

To establish a Remote Access session: Open the Robomow App and connect to your mower. Make sure there is an Internet connection available on your mobile device. Go to Main Menu ⇢ Support ⇢ Remote Access. The “mower-phone” link should […]

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What languages does the Robomow App support?

The Robomow App supports the following languages: English German French Danish Swedish Norwegian Italian Dutch Spanish Czech

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Is it possible to speak with the service operator on the same phone that is running a remote connection with my mower?

Yes, a remote access session will not be disturbed by a phone call from the same mobile device.

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What are the features of the main operational screen?

For RC and RS Models For RX Models

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Where can I see the current state of my mower?

Different states of your mower (In Base, In Operation, Ready, Winter Charging) are displayed in the upper section of the main operational screen.

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How do I change the perimeter signal’s type of Robomow RX?

In case of interference from neighboring lawns, you may want to select a different type of perimeter signal out of the three available types. To do so, make sure the mower is inside the Base Station, then navigate to the […]

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How can I access the Robomow App’s Main Menu?

You can access the Main Menu from the top left corner of the main operational screen.

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How do I access the Remote Control function?

The Remote Control function can be accessed from the Main Operation Screen, as indicated in the figure below:

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