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Maintenance FAQs

Maintenance of the mowing deck

Robomow is a dedicated mulching mower. It may accumulate clippings under the mowing deck, particularly when mowing wet or damp grass. ⚠ Warning – Severe Injury Hazard! Always turn the Safety Switch OFF before lifting the mower. The blade is very […]

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Is it possible to leave Robomow in the Base Station for charging during the winter time?

Yes. However, in such cases, it is required to keep the mower switched on to allow charging.

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General Instructions

Use these quick tips to help keep your Robomow in good working condition: Always switch off Robomow (and remove the Disabling Device – RX models only) before checking, cleaning, or working on Robomow or replacing the blade. Never attempt to […]

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Maintenance of the Base Station

No winter storage is required for a Base Station. It can be left on the lawn during the winter period. Maintenance of the Base Station Area Keep the Base Station entrance and area clean of leaves, sticks, twigs or any other debris […]

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Can I sharpen the blades?

Sharpening is not allowed, since it may create unbalance. Caution! Always switch Robomow off before servicing the blades. Be sure to remove the disabling device on RX model mowers. RS Models It is recommended to replace both blades together for best performance, and […]

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Lightning Storm

Warning! To reduce the risk of damage to components in the case of a lightning storm, disconnect the Perimeter Wire from the Base Station/Perimeter Switch and the Power Supply 230V/120V plug from the power outlet.

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Upgrade for Robomow RX Customers

For the most up-to-date safety features and for better mowing results, Robomow strongly recommends upgrading to the latest software version. It’s free of charge! Which mower requires an upgrade? All Robomow RX mowers purchased in 2017. The serial number beginning […]

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Winter Storage for Your Robomow and Base Station

Storing Your Mower Charge Robomow fully in its base Switch it off RS: switch the safety switch off and remove the fuse from its socket RC: switch the safety switch off RX: press the GO button for 2 seconds Clean […]

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Winter Service for Your Robomow

To allow better maintenance and to keep your mower in good condition, it is recommended to bring it to a certified dealer for service prior to winter storage. Winter service includes operations like cleaning the mower’s parts and mowing deck, checking […]

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