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Operation FAQs

Set Inactive Time through Mower’s Menu

If the mower is going out to work on days or hours that you do not want it to work, or if you need to set inactive time through the mower’s menu, follow the steps outlined below. In mower’s menu, […]

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Common Menu Shortcuts

This is a list of shortcut buttons to a few common service menu screens: Function Button Combination Hold Time Factory Default: Software STOP More than 4 Seconds Factory Default: Main Board STOP ▲ ▼ More than 4 seconds Factory Default: […]

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Pause Automatic Mowing from the Mower Menus

To pause automatic mowing from the mower’s menus, follow one of the procedures below: Shortcut on the mower: Mower must be in the base station. Press the red stop bar for 5 seconds or until the display resets. You will […]

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Software Resets – Types and when to use

Software Reset When mower behaves oddly (i.e., will not go to a zone you just set, out of the base station, will not show the icon for going home), be sure to record all current settings since they will be […]

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How do I activate/unlock the child lock?

For RC Models The Child Lock feature locks the buttons to prevent unintended operation, especially by children. If the Child Lock is set to ‘On’ (Menu P010), to operate the mower it is required to first press one of the […]

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Can Robomow cope with narrow passages?

For RC Models If the Narrow Pass is between 3ft and 6.5ft wide: At the point you want the mower to start driving towards the Sub-Zone, you can begin to set the Narrow Pass. About 20in (50cm) from the Narrow […]

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What happens if there are integrated stones on the lawn?

Robomow can mow over flat-paved stones that are more or less the same height as the lawn grass; however, Robomow will not be able to drive over stones that are at levels much higher than the grass. Robomow can work […]

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What does it mean when all the lights on the Power Box are blinking?

It means that the robot has not returned to its Base Station after 4 hours. This behavior is relevant only if the robot departs from the Base Station and not manually from the middle of the lawn.

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What does it mean if the Power Box beeps every 1 second and the scissors light is blinking?

This is a warning of a cut wire. In such cases there is no signal in the lawn.

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What is the meaning of all the indicators in the Power Box membrane?

Indicator Meaning The robot is in the Base Station. Wire cut or is too long. The robot is out of the Base Station. Automatic operation.

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