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General FAQs

What is Turn Setting

The Turn Setting feature allows more efficient mowing operation through smooth and continuous turns when reaching the lawn’s edge.

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How long will it take Robomow to mow my lawn?

This varies, depending on the size of your lawn and other factors. However, it’s important to note that Robomow has the widest cutting width of any robotic mower in the market, which allows it to finish the mowing faster, leaving […]

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How does TurboMow mode work?

The TurboMow feature allows faster and stronger mowing of high grass during the first cut of the season. During TurboMow mode, Robomow reduces its driving speed, doubles the number of mowing hours, and works at the highest RPM. This will […]

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What if I have slopes in my lawn? Can Robomow handle them?

Robomow RC and RS models can mow areas inside the working area that slopes up to 20 degrees or 36% (1.2ft rise per 3.3ft). Robomow RX models can mow areas inside the working area that slope up to 8.5 degrees […]

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Can a base station be installed off the lawn?

Yes, an off-the-lawn installation is called “External Base” setup. There are two ways to install a Base Station off the lawn: at a corner (RC or RX models), or at any place outside the lawn (RC models only). Since RS […]

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How does Robomow work?

Robomow is a robotic lawnmower designed to mow and maintain your lawn on its own. Robomow requires a simple one-time installation of a base station and a perimeter wire, which will mark the lawn boundaries. The perimeter wire is flush […]

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How does Robomow know where it has mowed already?

Since Robomow moves in a random pattern, it doesn’t have to know where it has mowed already to ensure uniform coverage of at least 98% of your lawn. All it has to know is the area of your lawn, in […]

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Will Robomow work with an electric dog fence?

Based on our experience, Robomow might get signal interference with existing dog fence systems. Our 2019 models have 3 switchable signals which might eliminate this.

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How does Robomow detect objects and obstacles in the lawn?

Robomow detects when there is an obstacle in its way during operation. When the mower collides with an obstacle, the mower will stop the rotation of the blade immediately, and then stop movement in that direction and reverse itself away […]

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How frequently will Robomow mow my lawn?

Robomow continuously alternates between mowing and charging until it completes the required mowing time for your lawn (based on the area of your lawn). When completing the mowing of the entire area (the Mowing Cycle), it will stay in the […]

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