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Troubleshooting FAQs

Mower Changes Direction with No Visible Reason

Step 1 – In the mower’s menu, go to Service ⇢ Information ⇢ Special Display⇢ Behavior. Press the Escape button to toggle between user menus and the special display screen that was selected. Send the mower to work in Scan […]

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Bluetooth Communication Issues

Bluetooth communication with the mower can be troublesome. Here are a few typical fixes: Step A: Re-Pair Device Close/Quit App program completely (Force Stop on Android) Go to Settings / Bluetooth and find mower, then select and perform “Forget this […]

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Base Station red light blinking fast – Disconnected wire warning

Step 1 – Check that Power Supply box isn’t hot and all connections between the Power Supply through the 65ft (20m) extension cord, to the base station, are connected well. Check that green plot connector and its two lawn wire […]

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Not completing Edge Mow mode

Step 1 – Place the mower just behind the base station facing the wire and send it to “Go Home” (so it will go all around the perimeter wire with the blades Off). Walk behind it and watch closely to […]

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Mowing Blades not working

Step 1 – Is “Demo Mode” set On? If Yes – Go to Service Menu ⇢ Settings ⇢ Software Version ⇢ Demo (Screen 253) ⇢ On/Off. Switch it Off and blades will resume working. This could also be done on […]

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Bumper Events

Issue: Mower stopping and changing direction as if bumped into an obstacle, when there is no obstacle there. Perform a Bumper calibration through Service ⇢ 897 ⇢ Calibrations ⇢ Bumper. Make sure you got “Passed” at the calibration end If […]

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Drive Overheat, Overcurrent, Disconnected or Start Elsewhere Message

These messages can be displayed on the base station while warming up or during any operation, automatic or manual. “Start Elsewhere” Message Drive wheel motors have been working under a severe load during automatic or manual operation. Check that mower […]

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Driving in Curved Lines or Circles

Step 1 – Inspect both drive wheels to see if sticks, toys, accumulated mud, or mulch is slowing down one of the wheel’s rotation. Clean well and send the mower to mow on a leveled area. Did you correct the […]

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No Wire Signal Message

Step 1 – Is there any light on the base Station Head? If Yes – Proceed to Step 2 If No – See the article Base Station Head Does Not Operate. Step 2 – Take the mower out of the […]

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Check Mow Height / Mow Overheat Messages

Step 1 – Is it the first cut of the season or is the grass very high? If Yes – Raise mowing height level to the highest level and let the mower complete full cycle (2-3 days). Then gradually lower […]

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