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Robomow App 2.0 Tutorial

Background: Bluetooth communication with the mower through your mobile device requires time to set up properly. However, it’s extremely useful, easy, and convenient to use once installed and registered properly. Here is a simple tutorial on the set-up steps: After […]

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Mower Changes Direction with No Visible Reason

Step 1 – In the mower’s menu, go to Service ⇢ Information ⇢ Special Display⇢ Behavior. Press the Escape button to toggle between user menus and the special display screen that was selected. Send the mower to work in Scan […]

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Set Inactive Time through Mower’s Menu

If the mower is going out to work on days or hours that you do not want it to work, or if you need to set inactive time through the mower’s menu, follow the steps outlined below. In mower’s menu, […]

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Common Menu Shortcuts

This is a list of shortcut buttons to a few common service menu screens: Function Button Combination Hold Time Factory Default: Software STOP More than 4 Seconds Factory Default: Main Board STOP ▲ ▼ More than 4 seconds Factory Default: […]

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Pause Automatic Mowing on Robomow App 2.0

Once you turn on the app and connect to your mower, this general screen will appear. Touching the R at Schedule or sliding it to the left will pause auto mowing.

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Pause Automatic Mowing from the Mower Menus

To pause automatic mowing from the mower’s menus, follow one of the procedures below: Shortcut on the mower: Mower must be in the base station. Press the red stop bar for 5 seconds or until the display resets. You will […]

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Bluetooth Communication Issues

Bluetooth communication with the mower can be troublesome. Here are a few typical fixes: Step A: Re-Pair Device Close/Quit App program completely (Force Stop on Android) Go to Settings / Bluetooth and find mower, then select and perform “Forget this […]

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Robomow RS Installation Guide

Click here to download the RS Installation Guide PDF.

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Base Station red light blinking fast – Disconnected wire warning

Step 1 – Check that Power Supply box isn’t hot and all connections between the Power Supply through the 65ft (20m) extension cord, to the base station, are connected well. Check that green plot connector and its two lawn wire […]

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Not completing Edge Mow mode

Step 1 – Place the mower just behind the base station facing the wire and send it to “Go Home” (so it will go all around the perimeter wire with the blades Off). Walk behind it and watch closely to […]

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