Short Run Time (RS Models)

From docking, when sending mower to edge, or to mow a sub zone, mower starts mowing in main zone. May mow for a very short period: 10ft-50ft (3-15m)) then stop with “Time Completed” message. Out of the base station, mower also might only show “Mow” and “Edge Mow” icons but does not show the right side “Home” icon.

If your mower is experiencing a short run time, see the article Sent to Edge but Goes to Mow before proceeding. Sometimes it could be related to the mower needing a software upgrade. If the problem is not resolved, proceed to Step 1.

Step 1 – Write down all important mower’s settings since these will be erased by a software reset.

Step 2 – Perform a “Software Reset” on the mower:

  1. Press down Red stop bar together with Escape button Escape Button for 5 seconds. Note that button shortcuts are not active when Anti-Theft is On.
  2. Re-enter all mower’s and lawn settings, such as theft, child lock, zones size and distance to them, inactive days and hours.

If this did not resolve the issue, Proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 – Did you observe this occurrence more than once?

If Yes – Proceed to Step 4.

If No – Mower at the base station, press the red stop bar for 5 seconds until the display changes to “Wait…” and then to automatic mowing paused display. Let the mower charge for 16 hours and then press the red stop bar for 5 seconds again to stop pausing automatic mowing and let the mower work to see how it does now.

Step 4 – Open Last Battery Run time (Service ⇢ Information ⇢ Battery ⇢ Run Time). Additionally, it is recommended that you check this mower’s several previous run times. You can ask customer support for this data. Do the Run Time values correlate with the average mowing time shown in the table below?

Area Range Set by User
(in square feet)
Area Range Set by User
(in square meters)
Average Working Time
Per 1 Mowing Operation
0 – 5000 – 5022
500 – 100050 – 10045
1000 – 1500100 – 15067
1500 – 2100150 – 20089
2100 – 2700200 – 250111
2700 – 3200250 – 300134
3200 – 3700300 – 350140

If Yes – Proceed to Step 5.

If No – Most likely the battery is weak. Replace the battery.

Step 5 – Is the mowing height set low while the lawn height is high?

If Yes – Increase mow height and let the mower complete full mowing cycle (2-3 days) to understand if the problem resolved or still existing.

If No – Proceed to Step 6.

Step 6 – Turn the Safety/main Switch to OFF, lift front mower area and check the following:

  • Debris is not stuck in the mowing deck.
  • Blades are not bent.
  • Mulch is not built up between the mowing deck and blades.
  • Rotate blades (using a long stick or gloves).

Mowing Deck - RS Model

Were any of these items observed in the mowing deck?

If Yes – Make sure the mowing deck is clean and blades are in good condition.

If No – Proceed to Step 7.

Step 7 – Turn the Safety/Main Switch to ON, pause going to automatic mowing in one of these methods:

  1. Pressing the red stop bar for 5 seconds until the display indicates acceptance while mower is in the base station.
  2. Through your mobile Robo App.
  3. On the mower’s menu through Lawn Options ⇢ Program ⇢ Turn to Off.

Let mower charge 12 hours to revitalize the battery. Proceed to Step 8.

Step 8 – After the long charging, does a ‘Ready’ message display on the mower screen?

If Yes – The mower required a longer charging session, as is the case in some instances. Let the mower continue to work.

If No – Replace the Battery.