Maintenance of the mowing deck

Robomow is a dedicated mulching mower. It may accumulate clippings under the mowing deck, particularly when mowing wet or damp grass.

Warning – Severe Injury Hazard!

  • Always turn the Safety Switch OFF before lifting the mower.
  • The blade is very sharp. It can cause severe cuts or lacerations.
  • Always wear heavy work gloves when working with or around the blade.
  • NEVER use a damaged or broken blade. Only use a sharp blade.

After taking the necessary safety precautions, perform the following steps to properly maintain your Robomow:

  • Inspect the underside of the mower periodically. Clean if necessary.
  • Carefully scrape the collected grass debris from under the mowing deck. Most grass accumulation can be removed using a small wooden stick or similar object.
  • Use a damp or wet cloth to wipe the surface clean after scraping.

Do not place the mower upside down. Instead, lean the mower against a surface to gain access to the mowing deck area.

Bottom Blade View Diagram for RC Model

NEVER use a water hose or any type of liquid to clean the underside of the mower. Liquids can damage components.

Do Not Use Water Hose