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Operation FAQs

What does it mean when you press the OK button and the “OFF” or “PAUSE” message is displayed while Robomow RC is in the Base Station?

This means that the Power Box is set to Pause mode, and Robomow will stay at the Base Station, and will not start automatically from the Base Station. This is not a problem. You will just need to again press […]

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How do I fix a cut wire in the lawn?

If the Perimeter Wire needs to be spliced, use the connectors supplied in the Robomow box. They are waterproof and give a reliable electrical connection. IMPORTANT! Before splicing the Perimeter Wire, disconnect the Power Box from the power outlet. Option […]

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How do I change the Basic Settings for the RX model mower?

The only Basic Setting available via the mower’s panel is Child Protection (Child Lock). All other settings are available via the mobile app (except RX12u). Child protection prevents accidental use of the mower by little children. When child protection is […]

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How do I change the Basic Settings for the RC model mower?

The Basic Settings are the most common menu options changed by users. Each of the Basic Settings has an icon on the mower, which is lit to indicate the selected menu option. To change Basic Settings, press the Settings button […]

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What is the meaning of all the different indications on Robomow base station?

LED indication lights can be found on every Robomow robotic mower. For our current models, the lights are positioned as follows: RS Model RC Model RX Model Light State Meaning Solid Mower is in the base. Wire signal OK. Blinking […]

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