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Installation FAQs

Is there any installation required with Robomow?

Yes. In order for Robomow to operate in your lawn, a Perimeter Wire must be installed around the entire lawn, and around protected areas within the lawn area. Proper installation of the Perimeter Wire is critical for the quality and […]

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How do I protect my flower beds and trees when using Robomow?

Objects such as flower beds, ponds, or small trees can be protected by creating “Perimeter Islands”, which are demarcated areas of the lawn where Robomow does not enter. In areas where obstacles are grouped closely together, they should be demarcated […]

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Is Robomow easy to install and use?

Yes. Robomow is easy to install and use. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before using Robomow. In order for Robomow to operate in your lawn, a perimeter wire must be installed around the entire lawn, […]

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What is the max length of the Perimeter Wire that I can install in the lawn?

The maximum length of the wire that is connected to the charging station in a single loop can reach is 2,600ft/800m for RS/MS/RC/MS models, and 600ft/150m for RX models. Multiple installations of perimeter islands may cause the wire to exceed […]

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Does Robomow work on a sloped lawn?

Yes, Robomow RC and RS models can mow areas inside the working area that slopes up to 20 degrees or 36% (1.2ft rise per 3.3ft). Robomow RX models can mow areas inside the working area that slope up to 8.5 […]

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Do I need to bury the perimeter wire into the ground?

It is not necessary to bury the Perimeter Wire. Grass will soon grow over the wire, making it invisible. However, you may do so if you wish – up to 2in (5cm) deep.

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How do I install Robomow?

To learn more about how to install Robomow, take a look at these installation videos: RS Models Installation Video RC Models Installation Video RX Models Installation Video Step 1: Planning Ahead Read the Operating Manual/User Guide and watch the Robomow […]

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How do I install an External Base Station for my Robomow RC?

At a Corner In this type of setup, the Base Station is located at one of the corners of the lawn, as shown in the figure below: Choose a corner where you want to place the Base Station outside of the […]

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How do I setup an external corner installation for my Robomow RX?

The external installation of the Base Station for RX models is done by moving the beginning of the wire up to 2 feet outside the lawn. This will define how far off the lawn the Base Station will be installed. […]

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