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How do I reinstall the Robomow App?

The proper way to reinstall the Robomow App is by deleting your account (App Settings ⇢ Delete Account) before uninstalling your current version. Once you delete your account and uninstall the current version, you can re-install the app and register […]

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I have two mobile devices and I want to operate Robomow from both of them. How can I do this?

If you’d like to register an additional mobile device with your mower, you can do it by simply using the same login credentials (email/password) that you used during the original registration.

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How do I reconnect to Robomow after being disconnected?

The app will try to reconnect automatically when it loses connection with a mower. You will see a “trying to reconnect to your Robomow…” message. If the automatic reconnection fails, you’ll get a message describing a possible failure reason, and […]

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Who can connect remotely to my mower?

Only an Authorized Service Station that knows the exact serial number of your mower can connect remotely to your mower. It can only connect to your mower when your mobile device is connected to the mower by itself and running […]

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How do I change “Mower Options” settings in my mower via the Robomow App?

By pressing the “Menu” button on the home screen of the Robomow app, you will see the Settings menu as shown. (Figure 1) Figure 1 Click “Lawn Mower & Options”. A new window will appear with all the options that […]

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