With cooler temperatures approaching, autumn is the perfect time to prepare your lawn and garden for winter. Basic care, such as deadheading flowers, can provide you with a bountiful, beautiful property next spring. Autumn is also the perfect time to repair and seed grass for lusher lawns throughout the year.

Garden Care

Bulbs, such as hydrangeas, require special care during winter after the growing season. In regions where temperatures remain warm year round, you can care for annuals and perennials by cutting the plants back by at least one-third during autumn. Keep the plants well-trimmed2a90f66b-4fcd-4edd-b9eb-38a6c1740064_1-abe21f2d6735cf74f3be86757afcc6d9 until the following spring. Roses begin producing in late autumn, and should be fertilized and deadheaded on a regular basis until spring.

In cooler regions, apply a layer of mulch around roses and other temperature-sensitive plants to reduce the risk of frost damage. Perennials also need special care during the cooler season. Begin by cutting perennials off at ground level, and remove any dead, damaged or diseases branches on shrubs and trees.

Continue fertilizing and watering flowers after October, but deadhead the flowers on a regular schedule to promote ample blossoms in spring and summer. If you grow annuals, cut the plants back by one-third to promote excellent growth the following spring. Consider spreading a winterizer lawn fertilizer (like the one on the right) that feeds up to 4 months promotes a quicker spring green-up.

Lush Year-Round Lawns

Autumn is the time to seed rye grass in regions with warm year-round temperatures. Unlike traditional Bermuda grass, rye grass grows best during cool weather and goes dormant as temperatures warm in the spring. Use a seed spreader to evenly distribute rye grass seed over the property, and water the seeds regularly until the grass has well-established root systems.

It is best to mow rye grass on a regular schedule to keep the grass from becoming dormant mid-season. Use a robotic lawn mower to help keep your grass properly trimmed throughout the year. Opt for a mower that utilizes app-compatible operation to easily maintain your property during hectic days. If necessary, apply an organic or commercial weed killer to maintain lush, green grass year-round.

Repair Damage and Begin New Bulbs

Autumn is also the perfect time to repair grass in regions with warm temperatures. Apply seed to bare areas, and water the seed daily until the grass is well-established. If you are planning on starting new bulbs for the following year, wait until October to plant the bulbs. Edible plants, such as garlic, should also be planted in late autumn or early winter in regions with warmer temperatures. With just a few steps, your property can look great throughout the year.

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