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Which Robomow model is most suitable for my lawn? What’s the difference between Robomow models?

Step 1: Area Capacity The main selection criterion of a suitable Robomow model is the total area of your lawn. You can use the online tool to estimate this area. In most cases, there will more than one Robomow model that meets […]

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What is the meaning of all the different indications on Robomow base station?

LED indication lights can be found on every Robomow robotic mower. For our current models, the lights are positioned as follows: RS Model RC Model RX Model Light State Meaning Solid Mower is in the base. Wire signal OK. Blinking […]

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Winter Storage for Your Robomow and Base Station

Storing Your Mower Charge Robomow fully in its base Switch it off RS: switch the safety switch off and remove the fuse from its socket RC: switch the safety switch off RX: press the GO button for 2 seconds Clean […]

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Winter Service for Your Robomow

To allow better maintenance and to keep your mower in good condition, it is recommended to bring it to a certified dealer for service prior to winter storage. Winter service includes operations like cleaning the mower’s parts and mowing deck, checking […]

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