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A stronger cutting system compared with competing robomowers designed for similar sized lawns.
High-power cutting systems and steel blades sail through the first cut of the season for a flawless finish every time.



Extra-wide 28cm / 56cm blades allow Robomow to complete a given lawn faster than competing robomowers designed for similar sized lawns.


Unique Edge mode and cut-beyond-the-wheel’ base give that extra special Robomow signature finish.


Easy-to-use with flexible installation options and full control from your smartphone! With high-power cutting systems.heavy-duty steel blades. Sails through the first cut of the season and provides a flawless finish on each successive mow.

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Robomow app

Enjoy the drive! Interacting with your Robomow has never been more convenient or as much fun! Supported by Bluetooth and/or GSM

Multi zones

Drives independently to different zones in your garden (connected by a pathway or a strip of grass) and returns after completing each zone.

Pin code

Lock your Robomow with a PIN code, to prevent others from operating it.

Power wheels

70% wider wheel for better maneuverability Included on RC306/RC312/MC500/MC1000). Available as an accessory for RC304 and MC300.

Floating deck

Well-designed sharp blades and a floating deck allow for flawless coverage on any terrain, guaranteeing an excellent cut, every time, for even the most unusual landscapes. (on all RS and MS models).


Robomow can mow areas inside the working area with slopes of up to 36% (20°).

Rain sensor

Trust Robomow to protect itself from rain. Your Robomow will return independently to its Base Station in rainy weather, and depart again only when conditions are better. Rain sensor sensitivity can be adjusted.


The simple and natural approach to lawn care. The grass clippings are left on the lawn to decompose quickly, saving you the disposal costs and hassle.

Modular design

Robomow is designed for quick and intuitive parts replacement.

External base station

Install the base station away from the lawn to enjoy every single blade of grass in the garden! (on all RC models)

Weekly program

Set Robomow to work at the days and times that are most convenient and define when you want the lawn to be free for the family to enjoy.