How Technology Is Shaping Our Future

By the year 2030, the humanoid robots tasked with performing our domestic chores will have intelligence surpassing our own. Companies have already designed robots to vacuum our floors and mow our lawns with products such as the Roomba and Robomow robotic lawn mower. Soon these companies will be competing with fully automated, all-inclusive robots capable of the physical, as well as cognitive tasks necessary to maintain a household. At the same time, cars will be
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Bust Holiday Stress With Home Automation

Great Labor-Saving Appliances for a Less Stress Filled Holiday If you are like most people, then you probably start feeling the stress of holiday gift buying long before the actual holiday season even begins. There are so many things to think about, and it can be very difficult to anticipate exactly what everyone on your gift-giving list would like to receive. You can minimize the stress of the holiday's by looking for great labor-saving gadgets that

Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Winter

With cooler temperatures approaching, autumn is the perfect time to prepare your lawn and garden for winter. Basic care, such as deadheading flowers, can provide you with a bountiful, beautiful property next spring. Autumn is also the perfect time to repair and seed grass for lusher lawns throughout the year. Garden Care Bulbs, such as hydrangeas, require special care during winter after the growing season. In regions where temperatures remain warm year round, you can

Traditional lawn mowers verses robotic mowers

Traditional lawn mowers are just that, they are traditional. We are all used to them, they are something we are familiar with, and it's a proven concept. However, not robotic lawn mowers are much more readily available in the United States. Is this a crazy concept? We compared a traditional lawn mower to a robotic lawn mower. These are the results:   (more…)
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Don’t buy a robotic lawn mower until you read this!

Why buy a robotic lawn mower when traditional lawn mowers have done the job for years? Why spend the money for a year of mowing service up front when you can pay monthly? We analyzed these questions along with others. Here is what we came up with as to why you should buy a robotic lawn mower: (more…)

The Best Father’s Day Breakfast’s

The best Father's Day breakfast would of course be all of the things that dad loves most. Aside from what he loves to eat during breakfast, you also need to know how he likes his coffee. So what if you do not know what he actually likes? What if he's up for anything? What if you want to surprise him? Well below are 5 delicious breakfast ideas; that are very unique and 5 ideas; that