Every home owner enjoys a happy home, but sometimes things within that happy home become a bit tedious such as changing the lighting in the room, forgetting your keys, worrying about your home during a vacation, and controlling the A/C. Sometimes a homeowner just wants to spice up their home by perhaps adding music! Well lucky you; you have landed in the right spot! If you have any troubles or worries with any of those things and/or want to make your home smarter and more spiced up, here below are ways to do just that!

1) Philips Hue: Never have to turn your lights down, up, nor in between!

  • With Philips Hue, you can:
  1. Wirelessly control your light bulbsmayphillips
  2. Customize light color
  3. Can do this all from your smartphone
  4. Download the Hue app
  5. Enjoy Turing your lights in your home into a VIP lounge!

2) Control who comes in and out of your home: Ever get worried about someone finding that “hidden” key under the door mat?

  • With the Schlage Electronic, you can:
  1. Control who comes and goes
  2. Lock your door coming and going
  3. Smart phone, tablet, and computer friendly
  4. Type in a code when you’re in
  5. Let children in from school and more!

3) Watch your home from your phone: Imagine you go out on vacation, but can’t seem to shake the feeling that you may have forgotten to lock the door, shut the garage, or even closed the gate.security-camera

  1. D-Link Wi-Fi Cameras connect to your home network and give you a live view of your home from anywhere!
  2. Use your tablet, smart phone, and even your computer.
  3. Put your home in your palms!

4) Control that A/C: Has it ever been either too hot or too cold and you were away from your home and wondered if the A/C was off or on? You didn’t want to come home and it’s freezing outside and in the house nor did you want to come home and it’s blazing outside and in your house right? Well here’s a hack for you!

VisionPro 8000 Touchscreen Thermostat

VisionPro 8000 Touchscreen Thermostat

  1. Manage your home’s temperature right from your smart phone.
  2. Easily to turn up the heat on your way home from work, or turn it down on your way out.
  3. Save energy and money on your heating bill!

5) This wouldn’t be a smart home list without adding a robotic lawn mower to the mix. As a smart home owner you will like the fact that robotic lawn mowers are battery powered and only spend around $2 of electricity a month! Now grab a drink and let the Robomow work.

  1. Manage your mowing schedule right on your phone with the free app for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Head to work, vacation, or even the beach without having to worry about mowing the lawn.
  3. All of the tiny clippings of the lawn go into the soil to be used as fertilizer.
Robomow RS_45 angle

6) Last but not least, spicing up your home! Are you a music lover and love the fact of being able to play music anywhere you go in your home without moving any cords? Well looks like you’re in luck, yet again!

  1. Stream music from your smartphone straight to any connected speaker.
  2. Blast your favorite songs in any room with a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Quickly and easily moved from room to room.
  4. Always have something playing in any room, no matter where you go!
Thanks for reading! Hopefully these things can help your home become a bit smarter, less tedious, and more enjoyable for you! Hack freely!
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